Episode 1

Episode 1 |

The team investigates why gas costs so much, and whether we can use science to make fuel for free.

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Episode 2

Episode 2 |

The team asks whether modern life is damaging our ears.

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Episode 3

Episode 3 |

Liz looks at the safety of digital storage formats and whether the Cloud answers all our problems.

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Episode 4

Episode 4 |

While Dallas finds out how crowds can cooperate subconsciously, Liz learns how architects control the flow of crowds.

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Episode 5

Episode 5 |

Jem explores wire-free electricity, and Liz finds out how mobile phone signals could protect us.

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Episode 6

Episode 6 |

Liz explores how hormones and blood sugar affect our energy and mood, and Dallas asks if we really need to drink eight glasses of water a day.

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Episode 7

Episode 7 |

The team looks at travel nightmares: Traffic jams and travel sickness. Premieres June 18, 9:00pm ET/PT.

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Episode 8

Episode 8 |

What’s behind our special relationship with dogs? See the effects of domestication and how they can be good for your health! Premieres June 18, 9:40pm ET/PT.

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