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Toni Hargis: What I Miss About British Summers

Don’t get me wrong: there’s lot to love about a summer in the U.S.—especially if you’ve just emerged from a brutal northern winter. For the most part, we have what they call “guaranteed summers” while our friends and loved ones back in Blighty usually hope (often against hope) for one or two weeks of good […]


How To Survive an American Heatwave, With Kids and Pets

I used to relish the two or three truly hot days that our miserable British climate provides annually. As an expat in the U.S., however, I dread the long, hot, squelchy summer. But I’ve learned how to survive it. Knowing what to do to keep cool in the extreme heat is doubly important if, like […]


British Expat Parenting: The Trial of Having American Kids

Like many Brits in the U.S., I have children who, while being dual citizens and very comfortable in the U.K., are essentially American. (My use of “trial” above is a bit tongue-in-cheek.) With that comes the eye-rolling, giggling and general mickey-taking about some of my British habits and sayings, showing a complete disregard for the […]


10 Clothing Hacks to Cool You Down in a Hot American Summer

Come July, America can feel like someone cranked the sauna up to eleven. But you can keep the heat from wrecking your outfit by employing some of these cooling sartorial tips. Chill your jeans If you must wear full-length denim during the summer, stick your trousers in the freezer overnight. For maximum cool, put them […]

Freelance, ecard

Tips for British Writers: How to Make It as a Freelancer in the U.S.

It’s one of the oldest conundrums on a budding writer’s lips: “How do I succeed as a freelancer?” For the British writer living in the United States, this question might appear at first to have no easy answers. For some, such a career can seem unattainable and unrealistic. Well, in the words of Douglas Adams, […]

Randy, A Christmas Story

10 Must-Have Items for an Extreme U.S. Winter

If you’re in the top half of the U.S. over winter, you’ll notice that it gets a tad cold. If you’re new to the U.S., let me assure you that no, you never get used to it. Here are ten things you really must have in such situations: 1. A big ole parka. Sadly, most […]


Tips for Easy Travel During the Winter Season (from #MindTheChat)

As thousands of expats embark on journeys back to Britain and within the U.S. for Christmas, we teamed up with BBC Travel and a host of other knowledgeable jet-setters for a #MindTheChat on Twitter last Wednesday (November 20) to discuss holiday tips. Here are a few of the helpful gems that emerged from that conversation: […]


14 Tips for Achieving Social Media Success (from #MindTheChat)

Every Wednesday at 2 pm ET on our Twitter account (@MindtheGap_BBCA), we hold a discussion (using hashtag #MindTheChat) around topics relevant to Brits living in America. This week (October 23), we delved into social media and the ways that Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking sites can be used most effectively to promote your personal brand. […]


#MindTheChat Recap: Where to Travel in the U.S. This Summer

With so many different regions, the United States offers great vacation opportunities, and summer is the perfect time to explore the country. When we brought together British expats on May 10 for our weekly #MindTheChat on Twitter (1 pm ET on Fridays), we asked them what’s at the top of their list of U.S. travel […]

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