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Maclain Way (L) and Chapman Way attend the 2018 Sundance Film Festival “Wild Wild Country” premiere at Egyptian Theatre on January 24, 2018 in Park City, Utah.

It’s a Family Affair: 10 Film and TV Siblings Who Work Great Together

It took two sets of brothers to make Wild Wild Country, the six-part documentary about a controversial cult leader who built a utopia in the Oregon desert launching today (March 16) on Netflix. First, directors Chapman and Maclain Way, who’ve previously made sports documentary The Battered Bastards of Baseball together, and second, the executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass, better known as production […]

AARP’s 17th Annual Movies For Grownups Awards – Arrivals

10 TV Shows That Put LGBTQ Characters Front and Center

Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) is making history with his next role. He is set to star in the police procedural series, Instinct (premiering this Sunday on CBS), the first ever hour-long network drama to feature an LGBTQ lead. Cumming takes on the role of Dr. Dylan Reinhart, a former CIA agent, turned author, who wrote a book […]

TriStar Pictures & The Cinema Society Host The Screening Of “T2 Trainspotting” – After Party

Danny Boyle is Working on Next Installment of James Bond

There have been various names thrown about as to who will write the next James Bond flick, temporarily titled Bond 25 and set for release in late 2019. Now, it seems that honor will go to — drumroll please — Danny Boyle. He won’t be going it alone though. He’s teaming up with longtime collaborator John Hodge. The two have written a number of films together, […]


Love to Larp? 10 Fan Experiences to Put on Your Bucket List

So you’ve watched every episode of your favorite show, added a photo of it to your lockscreen, and got the t-shirt. Now what? Experience it in the flesh, that’s what. So-called “larps” (live action role-play) and other imaginative fan experiences are becoming more and more popular, encouraging viewers to get up off the sofa and experience beloved films […]

Professor Stephen Hawking delivers his speech at the release of the ‘Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ on January 17, 2007 in London, Ebgland.  A group of scientists assessing the dangers posed to civilisation have moved the Doomsday Clock forward two minutes closer to midnight as an indication and warning of the threats of nuclear war and climate change.

Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch Lead Tributes to Professor Stephen Hawking

Not many scientists transcend the academic world to become a cultural icon, but Professor Stephen Hawking, who died today (March 14) at the age of 76 in Cambridge, England, was one such scientist. His visionary theories about black holes and relativity transformed physics, and his 54-year-long fight against motor neurone disease, or ALS, inspired countless people across the globe. […]


WATCH: Jude Law Makes His Dumbledore Debut in ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Trailer

Yesterday it was announced that a new trailer for the Fantastic Beasts sequel would be released today (March 13), and the new footage doesn’t disappoint. As we already knew, Eddie Redmayne returns as Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. But, now for the first time we get to glimpse Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore. The sequel […]

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