Thayer Juergens – Best of ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Ballot

Thayer Juergens
I’m a recently graduated Theatre/English and Political Science student from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduation I took a fun trip over to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in L.A. for their Sitcom-Writing Intensive. Now I’m living in New York City pursuing television writing, improv comedy, and stand up while trying to find the studio that’ll make me the happiest coffee boy in the world!

New contributor to I was initially drawn to the website because of their great Doctor Who articles. I’ve been watching the show avidly for the past three years. I’ve dressed up as the Eleventh Doctor twice and may have also briefly styled my hair as Matt Smith’s.

Favorite monster, villain or creature
1. The Whisper Men
2. The Empty Child
3. The Daleks
4. The Silence
5. The Ood

Favorite episodes
1. The Eleventh Hour
I absolutely adored everything about Matt Smith’s entrance episode. I thought the episode breathed new life into the show not only production-wise but in turning Matt Smith into the fairy tale Doctor. It didn’t try to top Tennant or completely turn against the new Who of the past few series. The episode was fun, self-contained, and brought a charm and fantasy that set the ton for Smith’s tenure.
2. The Doctor’s Wife
3. Human Nature/The Family of Blood
4. The Empty Child
5. A Christmas Carol

Favorite companions
1. Donna Noble
She was simply a proper mate to the Doctor. Donna was exactly the intelligent, adventuring, companion he needed that could challenge him. There wasn’t any romantic ambiguity either. That was nice…
2. Amelia Pond
3. Clara Oswald
4. Martha Jones
5. Rory Williams

Favorite Doctors
1. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
He was my first Doctor and is seared on my heart forever for that reason alone. I think he’s an absolutely brilliant actor whose portrayed the age of the Doctor despite being the youngest looking of them all. He’s silly and clumsy while thinking he’s sexy and cool. His Doctor brought in the fairy tale aspect of the show and the earnestness and sincerity I think is fundamental to the Doctor. He’s also just fun. Eleven is the one I’d want to pick me up in the Tardis.
2. Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
3. Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
4. Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
5. Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)

Favorite TARDIS set
Matt Smith’s first Tardis.

Saddest moment in Doctor Who history
Broke my heart when he had to leave Donna and she was begging him not to do it.

Greatest Doctor Who opening sequence ever
Possibly The Eleventh Hour.

Greatest Doctor Who writer ever
Neil Gaiman…I thought the Doctor’s Wife was brilliant. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nightmare in Silver. But dammit I loved The Doctor’s Wife.

Why Doctor Who endures
I think it’s almost “time”less story. It’s quite simply about a man in a box who ran away and to see the universe and never stopped running. He’s not perfect and he’s lived over nine-hundred years only to still see us as giants. Doctor Who is a fairy tale that never gets old and continues to endure Doctor to Doctor. No other television show has done what Doctor Who can do. The show can tap into any genre and whatever iteration the fundamental core of the raggedy man always stays the same. It’s brilliant.

Greatest Doctor’s costume
Matt Smith’s series 7 part two costume (Purple frock coat, black vest).

Greatest fan-made Doctor Who video