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The “Other” ‘X-Men” TV Series Gets a Title… Maybe

We’ve been talking about Fox’s forthcoming X-Men series for a minute now, and we’ve been struggling a bit with how to refer to it, because… it didn’t have a name. But, those are days of old, because — drumroll please — it’s called, Gifted. We like it. Actually, no matter what the name ended up being, we’d be pleased, […]


Casting News: The FOX ‘X-Men’ Series Confirms Its Two Leads

The “other” X-Men series doesn’t have a name yet, but the forthcoming FOX program is getting momentum. It’s in the works, and now we know who will take the lead. And we think you’re going to be keen on who — times two, actually — they are… You’re probably very aware of Stephen Moyer, who starred in HBO’s […]


It’s Officially Official: The Fox ‘X-Men’ Series IS Happening

As we mentioned in an earlier Anglo post, there are two X-Men TV series coming out. FX’s Legion, starring Dan Stevens, has already been announced, and we’ve been tracking its progress with a first look, plus some sneak peeks. But, what about the other one? The second series, set for Fox, is getting some motion. We don’t […]

MPTF Celebrates 95th Anniversary With “Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars” – Red Carpet

FIRST LOOK: The Sun Shines on Hugh Jackman in New ‘Logan’ Poster

When he’s not trolling Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman is using social media for good — like promoting his highly-anticipated new Wolverine installment. Lucky for us (and Ryan Reynolds), the mega star has shared a promotional poster for the latest X-Men movie, Logan, via his own Twitter page. We’ve been sped up on what to expect in the next installment of […]


FIRST LOOK: Stephen Merchant Joins ‘Logan’

The folks over at Logan have been dropping first look photos left and right. In addition to some earlier clues, we got a look at an on-set photo this past Friday (October 14) asking a loaded question: Mutants In this case, patience appears to be a virtue, because director James Margold has helped answer the above question with a […]


‘Logan’ Director Releases First Look Set Photos

As you know by now, the forthcoming Wolverine film is called Logan, but it doesn’t hurt to provide a little reminder as it just happened last week. Even more recently we got a look at Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X aged beyond what we’d ever expect. But, based on past experiences with mutants, we think […]


First Look: Professor X Appears Spent in ‘Logan’

Sure, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) can regenerate, cutting down on the aging process for Logan (which is also the name of the forthcoming X-Men spinoff film). But as we already know, with two actors portraying the young (James McAvoy) and been-around-the-block (Sir Patrick Stewart) Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men does not have the same […]


The Untitled ‘Wolverine’ Movie Gets an Official Title

Rather than typing out the phrase “untitled Wolverine project,” we can now use the actual title. Which is … drumroll please … Logan. And who can we thank for making this big reveal: Mr. Hugh Jackman himself. The X-Men star turned to Twitter to share the new poster with fans: LOGAN — Hugh Jackman […]


How ‘Legion’ TV Series is Tied to ‘X-Men’ Movies

As you know, according to earlier Anglo posts there are two X-Men TV series in the works. The first to come out is Legion, starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Guest) in the lead role. The second series, Hellfire, is set to follow. Stevens will take on the role of David Haller, the son of Professor […]

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