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WATCH: Tom Hiddleston, Ralph Fiennes on Shakespeare

On the eve of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare‘s death two top British actors, Tom Hiddleston and Ralph Fiennes, have expressed their deep admiration for the playwright. “I think he’s a genius,” says Hiddleston. “He had an ability to encapsulate the human condition in breathtaking and accessible poetry.” “Shakespeare articulates who we are better […]

Actor Patrick Stewart and actress Kate Fleetwood perform at the Cast of Macbeth Photocall at the Gielgud Theatre on September 25, 2007 in London, England.

Personality Quiz: Which Shakespeare Character Art Thou?

Despite this April 23 marking 400 years since his death, Shakespeare is still going strong, with some of our favorite stars lining up to play his characters. Benedict Cumberbatch and Judi Dench are due to star in the next cycle of The Hollow Crown; former Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies has turned his attention to A Midsummer Night’s Dream; while The […]

William Shakespeare (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

WATCH: David Tennant Discusses Shakespeare

April 23, 2016 will be the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the man (if you believe it was just one man) who single-handedly affected the development of the English language more than any other. As part of the plans to mark the occasion, David Tennant […]

TV Choice Awards – Red Carpet Arrivals

David Tennant Returns as Richard II in London

We do love us some Benedict Cumberbatch, but he can’t have all the fun on stage. Doctor Who’s David Tennant will be returning to London’s Barbican to reprise his role as Richard II in William Shakespeare’s historical play, reports BBC News. The Barbican Theatre is hosting a Cycle of Kings season, premiering in 2016. Tennant’s […]

William Shakespeare (Pic: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

15 Shakespearean Slang Terms We Should Use Today

We could probably keep running blog posts about Shakespeare’s use of words from now until the end of the internet and never run out of new gems to mine from his illustrious back catalog. It all depends which tack you want to take. There are the insults, the terms, words and phrases he minted that […]


‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Shakespeare Code

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a cornucopia of Gallifreyan gubbins and Time Lord things. And this week’s roundup commences with the exciting news that the face of William Shakespeare as Whovians know it—the one seen in “The Shakespeare Code” when the Bard of Avon met the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones—has been proven to be […]

“The Imitation Game” – Press Conference – 58th London Film Festival

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Hamlet’ to Receive Cinematic Release

If you’ve been crying yourself to sleep over missing out on Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance of Hamlet in London this coming summer, please don’t fret, because there’s a chance to catch a screening of the production. The live performance will take place at London’s Barbican Theatre from August 25 through October 31. The show is so […]


WATCH: If Shakespearean Insults Were Used Today…

We taught you how to insult like the British but now we’re invading new territory: how to insult like the Elizabethan British! And who does that better than famed Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare? Siobhan Thompson teaches us some of Shakespeare’s best put-downs in this episode of the Anglophenia YouTube series: Check out our list of […]


New Survey Shows How the World Sees Britain

As regular readers of Anglophenia, you no doubt have your own carefully nurtured and well-informed opinions about the United Kingdom and its people. But what do the general public worldwide think of the Brits? A new survey by the British Council, the organization dedicated to international educational and cultural relations, polled over 5,000 18-34 year […]

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