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Articles Tagged 'Who Loves the Sun?'

Regarding William and the Boob: Are The Sun’s Pants on Fire?

If Prince William goosing the sun-kissed mammary of a Brazilian babe wasn't salacious enough, you can count on The Sun to make mountains out of a pair of very pretty molehills. The Sun "quotes" international "relations" student Ana Ferreira, who "commented" on the photo taken in a bar: "I was a little bit drunk myself […]

Charlotte Church Is Pregnant, Heather Mills Fears Losing Her “Strap-On”

The gossip newsletter Holy Moly broke the story first, and now Charlotte Church‘s people are confirming it: she is indeed knocked up, up the duff, bun in the freakin’ oven. Here’s her management’s official statement in The Daily Mail: “Charlotte has asked us to bring you the news exclusively today that she is pregnant. “For […]

Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen Not “Faking It”

OK, so my friend Tanya Bower sent me an email with just a URL and subject line that said simply “Sick.” I clicked the URL; I couldn’t imagine it being THAT bad. But, oh my God, yes it was. It appears the gossip rags are attempting to squeeze more juice from the turnip that is […]

Who Loves The Sun? Racists, Maybe???

OK, this is soooo wrongheaded, I almost mistook it for self-satire. On the front page of today’s issue of The Sun, a group of children of differing ethnicities hold signs bearing racial slurs. Apparently, this is in response to the Celebrity Big Brother race row, which has sent the paper scurrying to exalt British tolerance […]