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Articles Tagged 'vintage'

Copper Street Art

‘Copper’ Fever: Street Art with a Vintage Twist

If this were the 1860s, that tingly feeling you’ve got might be a sign of a bad case of consumption. But since this is 2012, and we’re only 5 DAYS AWAY from the big premiere, it’s more likely that you’re coming down with COPPER FEVER. Fortunately, it’s much easier to treat. Just make sure to tune […]

Victorian Mug Shot, 1

Mugshot Yourself: 10 Creepy Victorian Mugshots

BBC America, with the help of and Tyne & Wear Archives, has compiled some venomous mugshots from Victorian UK. These perps wear their mugs like badges with broken noses, scars and swollen jaws. (And even young children were put behind bars. Just the thought is creepy.) You can be a part of history: Mugshot Yourself! With […]