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Articles Tagged 'UK vs US'

The British Press Is Up in Arms Over “Obamagate”

Oh, do clutch the pearls, darlings. The Brits are in a right tizzy over President Barack Obama‘s perceived snub of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. So, the story goes, Brown was denied a customary press conference with flags during his U.S. visit and was forced into a rushed meet-and-greet in the Oval Office. To add […]

Brits, You Call That a Snowstorm! Pick Yourself Up, You Wimps!

The UK has been brought to a standstill by the biggest snowfall since 1991. Let’s just say, London’s preparedness isn’t exactly appropriate for a global center. OK, I’ll give you all the benefit of the doubt: New York City, for example, is used to heavy snow, and its emergency response team is quick to react […]

Think Our Economy’s Bad? Look Across the Pond…

The UK will suffer more from the current financial crisis than any developed nation. “British gross domestic product will contract 2.8 percent this year, a sharper and more painful decline than the IMF now forecasts for America, the Eurozone, or Japan.”(Telegraph) I’m sure Paris Hilton believes Prime Minister Gordon Ramsay will get them out of […]