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Articles Tagged 'Total Recall'

Hulu’s “The First” Los Angeles Premiere

12 Fictional Times Man Has Gone to Mars

The planet Mars captured our imaginations, long before we set our sights on the moon. A mere 34 million miles away, our red, rocky neighbor often features heavily in science fiction as a barren and forbidding habitat. The latest story to center itself on the red planet is The First, an eight-part series starring Sean Penn […]


WATCH: Kate Beckinsale on Playing a Villain for the First Time

In the reboot of the 1990 action film Total Recall – out today (August 3) – Kate Beckinsale plays a villain for the first time. Others might view her character Lori in unpleasant terms but Beckinsale definitely liked playing her. “I thought she was wonderful. I thought she was dangerously nuts – which is always […]