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WATCH: Hiddleston and Laurie in ‘The Night Manager’ Trailer

AMC has released their first look at the six-part miniseries adaptation of John Le Carré‘s novel The Night Manager, in which Tom Hiddleston stars as hotel manager Jonathan Pine, who is lured into the spy world to bring down an international arms dealer played by Hugh Laurie. With a powerhouse cast that includes Tom Hollander, […]


WATCH: Tom Hiddleston in New ‘High-Rise’ Trailer

Today (February 9) is Tom Hiddleston‘s birthday, but for some reason he’s bestowing a gift on us: a new trailer for High-Rise. We had a feeling today was going to be a good day, celebrating his 35th birthday, and we weren’t wrong. The first trailer was amazing on its own, and now we have two. […]

63rd San Sebastian Film Festival: ‘High-Rise’ Photocall

Tom Hiddleston Wears His Birthday Suit in ‘High-Rise’ Photos

It’s not Tom Hiddleston’s birthday, but he still dons his one-day-of-the-year “suit” in new High-Rise photos. Why? Well, why not? He’s living the life as Dr. Robert Laing in the ultra-pampered community featured in director Ben Wheatley‘s thriller and apparently “no shirt, no service” doesn’t pertain here: We have to admit that there are other photos, but this one caught […]


Mark Ruffalo Spills Beans on Cate Blanchett Joining Marvel Family

Is Cate Blanchett signed on to star in the next installment of the Thor trilogy? The Australian actress joked about joining the superhero franchise with Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the month, ultimately dodging the question. But when asked about it, Marvel star Mark Ruffalo did not hold back. Ruffalo, who starred as the Hulk in 2012’s The Avengers […]


First Look: ‘High-Rise’ Trailer

The folks running the High-Rise Twitter feed spoke, and we listened. The other day (January 3) a poster for the thriller was released, with the Twitter caption saying, “Welcome to the high life. More tomorrow.” More tomorrow?! What. Could. It. Be. The following day we checked in to find they had posted the tease of […]


First Look: Tom Hiddleston Takes a Tumble in ‘High-Rise’ Poster

Tom Hiddleston’s forthcoming film High-Rise looks fun, sexy, cool and slightly scary. And so does the new poster for the film: Welcome to the high life. More tomorrow… — High-Rise (@HighRise_movie) January 5, 2016 We hate to see (what appears to be) our sweet Hiddles tumbling through the air, but we trust he will […]

63rd San Sebastian Film Festival: ‘High-Rise’ Photocall

First Look: Tom Hiddleston in ‘The Night Manager’

This is the week for character reveals, first with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and now we get a look at one of our other Anglo Fan Favorites Tom Hiddleston in the title role of The Night Manager. AMC’s original series stars Hiddleston as former British soldier Jonathan Pine in the TV adaptation of John le […]


First Look: Tom Hiddleston Gives Tour in ‘High-Rise’ Trailer

Tom Hiddleston makes the most delightful offer to the viewer to move into the all-inclusive luxury apartment building and community he calls home, asking in the High-Rise trailer, “Ever wanted something more?” The actor (Thor, I Saw the Light) takes on the role of high-rise tenant Dr. Robert Laing in the 2016 thriller. Dr. Laing seems to embrace the ultra-pampered […]

Tom Hiddleston in ‘I Saw The Light’ (Photo: Ratpac Entertainment)

WATCH: Tom Hiddleston in ‘I Saw the Light’ Trailer

After quite a long wait, the first proper trailer has arrived for Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Hank Williams. I Saw The Light is a fairly meticulous recreation of the birth of a country legend, although hearing the voice of Loki affect an Alabama twang does take a little bit of getting used to. Visually he’s […]


WATCH: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig stars as 007 once again in Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise. While the film is sure to be a U.S. blockbuster, it seems that we just can’t stop talking about who’ll be the next Bond once Craig hangs up his suspenders. In this episode of the Anglophenia YouTube series, […]

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