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Articles Tagged 'The Master'

‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Master Are You?

The Master is one of the most rotten swines in the entire history of bad piggies, and that statement is just as true when he’s Missy. Everywhere he goes, trouble follows. Every person she comes into contact with, she either kills, manipulates, or taunts in an unpleasant fashion. Sometimes he changes everyone in the world […]


Anglophenia Reader Gauthic Says: Bring Back The Master!

In our post, “Revealed: Neil Gaiman’s New ‘Doctor Who’ Story Features The Cybermen,” we asked readers what Doctor Who villain Gaiman should tackle next. Gauthic suggests The Master—with specific provisions: And not the unhinged/unstable Master from the 21st century. Give us the insidious maliciousness of the Master from the 80’s! The man who would take […]