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Graham Norton Show – London

Carrie Fisher Wants to See a ‘Female Planet’ in ‘Star Wars’

If you’ve been loving Carrie Fisher‘s loose lips on all things Star Wars… and particularly the bombshell she dropped revealing whose lips she was smooching on-set back in the day, then you’re probably like us and are wanting to hear more. Fisher recently published her memoir The Princess Diarist and she’s doing the rounds to chat about it. And […]

The Doctor (and friends) meet Sprout Boy (Photo: BBC)

WATCH: Peter Capaldi Narrates ‘Sprout Boy’

This might be the most British of Christmas TV trails since The Great British Bake Off featured a festive Union Jack cake served with a pot of tea on a soccer ball in David Beckham’s Beatle bedroom (which never actually happened). Sprout Boy is an animated tale being used to round up the best of […]

The Graham Norton Show – London

Cara Delevingne and Tinie Tempah: The Brits on Graham Norton’s Couch

We’re not the only ones looking forward to Terminator Genisys, Graham Norton has the film’s co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) on his couch in this week’s (June 27) episode of The Graham Norton Show. Along with American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, British actress Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns) and rapper Tinie Tempah. […]


Dara Ó Briain: The Irishman on Graham Norton’s Couch

Three Americans and an Irishman walk into a television studio … no, it’s not the setup to a joke, it’s this week’s (June 21) guest lineup of The Graham Norton Show. You may recognize Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, Family Guy creator and actor Seth MacFarlane and iconic singer Cyndi Lauper, but who’s the guy on […]

The Graham Norton Show – London

John Bishop: The Brit on Graham Norton’s Couch

This week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show catches up with American actress Melissa McCarthy, who stars in the Brit-centric action comedy Spy, hitting U.S. theaters this Friday (June 5). Her English Spy co-star Jude Law is also in Graham’s studio for this week’s episode, where he’ll be joined by American actor Chris Pratt and British […]

The Graham Norton Show – London

Jessica Hynes: The Brit on Graham Norton’s Couch

Graham Norton is back this Saturday, June 4 at 10/9c, with an American/British lineup on his chat show The Graham Norton Show. The first half of the show features Tomorrowland stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, and Anglo fan favorite Hugh Laurie. The “second act” is topped up with wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson (Hercules, Fast & Furious 6), musician Snoop Dogg, and British actress and writer Jessica […]


Who’s the Brit on Graham Norton’s Couch? Michael McIntyre

The Graham Norton Show returns for an all-new episode this Saturday, May 23 at 10/9c, on BBC AMERICA. But while not everyone on Graham Norton‘s couch this week is British, they are all favorites across the Atlantic. Over 30 years, Australian-born Kylie Minogue has become a global icon and an immigrant national treasure in Britain, […]

The Graham Norton Show – London

Who Are the Brits on Graham Norton’s Couch? Greg Davies and Electro Velvet

Graham Norton‘s couch is spilling over with Brits in this week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show (May 16) featuring guests Rupert Everett, Miranda Hart, comedian Greg Davies and musical guest Electro Velvet. BBC regulars Everett (Parade’s End) and Hart (Miranda) swung by to chat about their new films A Royal Night Out and Spy, respectively. A Royal Night Out is based […]


WATCH: Miranda Hart’s Awkward Moment with Prince Harry

Comedienne Miranda Hart has parlayed her seemingly inherent awkwardness into a successful television career having starred in her own hit show Miranda, where we watched her stumble over her words and feet. So it’s not too surprising to hear that she had an awkward run-in with Prince Harry. The funny girl re-tells the story in the […]

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