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Apprentice, 2013

What Are Brits Watching?: ‘The Apprentice’

A British version of an American television show holds the #2 spot on BBC1. What’s on: The Apprentice What is it: There are plenty of British shows that have been remade in the U.S. But this time around, Mark Burnett’s The Apprentice has been Britished up. Originally the UK version was described as the “job […]

The Bachelor UK Photo

WATCH: ‘The Apprentice UK’ Trailer

The trailer for The Apprentice UK has been released leading up to the season premiere of the ninth season and there are some zingers in it. But, to be honest, that’s all. The host Lord Sugar, which is the most amazing name by the way, and the contestants aren’t featured. The trailer is quite clever […]

The Brit List: Five British Versions Of American TV Shows

The Apprentice This is a franchise which is so popular in the UK, and has made such a household name of Lord Sugar (known to his mum as Alan) that most British people (including me) would not realise it’s an American formula, or that Donald Trump is the original star of the show, unless specifically […]