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Articles Tagged 'Super Bowl ads'


Top Gear Thursday: Jeremy, Richard and James Take American Road Trip

Road trip. Do any two words — with the exception of Top Gear, of course — strike such excitement in the hearts of car lovers, especially American car lovers? And in next week’s episode, the triumvirate themselves are going on an epic road trip right here in the U.S of A, the country that invented […]


Top Gear Thursday: Watch Season 19 Videos and Super Bowl Car Ads

The following was not lost on us: the triumphant return of the Super Bowl of TV car shows takes place just one day after the Super Bowl itself. As far as we’re concerned, Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII is definitely an appropriate opening act for Monday’s premiere of Top Gear Season XIX. And as a result […]

Top Gear Thursday: Ten Best 2012 Super Bowl Car Ads

  As we all know, America’s Super Bowl is merely a publicity outlet for TV commercials, and many of the most elaborately produced – and the funniest – are for cars. And this year, fueled by the recovering auto industry, cars ads will figure prominently in the broadcast. “Forget the cola wars,” says USA Today. […]