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Jude Law on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

WATCH: Jude Law Shows Off His Ping-Pong Eyeball Acting Skills

Remember that terrifying bit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You know, that bit towards the end when Judge Doom’s eyes pop out and his voice goes all squeaky? This bit: Blimey. That’s still frightening, 28 years on. *fans self* Well, prepare to be terrified once more. Or at least, never to look at Jude Law—or Hamlet, or […]

The TARDIS at Buckingham Palace, 2013 (Photo: Eddie Mulholland / Getty Images)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Hunting the TARDIS

Welcome, fellow travelers, to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a meticulously curated collection of stuff about Time Lords that has materialized on the internet over the last seven days (or thereabouts, sometimes we get excited). And this week, we begin our trawl by going on a TARDIS-spotting expedition. That distinctive blue box has appeared […]


WATCH: David Tennant and Stephen Colbert Hash Out Who’s Who

Last year David Tennant had a chat with the “other” David, as in Letterman, on his late-night show. Tennant had to give Letterman a crash course in Doctor Who 101. Just last night Tennant swung by Stephen Colbert‘s late night show for a catch up. Prior to the show starting, Colbert stopped into Tennant’s dressing […]

Jon Stewart in ‘The Daily Show’

5 Very British Moments on ‘The Daily Show’

The problem with gathering together any kind of greatest hits of Jon Stewart’s captaincy at the helm of The Daily Show–which he announced is coming to an end–is partly one of being awash—there is so much stuff to choose from–and partly fear: can you get away with repeating some of the more provocative things he […]


WATCH: Stephen Colbert Interviews ‘The Hobbit’s Smaug

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, a life-long fan of J.R.R. Tollkien and his writing, has a sit-down with the legend, Smaug, on his late night show The Colbert Report. Smaug knows how to make an entrance, crashing through the studio wall in the video. Colbert exchanges pleasantries with his massive guest, talking about what they have in […]

WATCH: Florence and the Machine on ‘The Colbert Report’

Who knew Florence Welch‘s incredible vocal talents were first noticed during a stop in the bathroom after she consumed waaaay too many drinks? We learned that and a few other fun tidbits when the ginger songstress sat down on The Colbert Report on Tuesday night (June 21). Our dear Flo also looked very elegant in […]

WATCH: ‘The Colbert Report’ Takes on the British Superman

Stephen Colbert, that staunch defender of all things American, took on this week’s news of a British Superman (Henry Cavill) in the “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” segment on last night’s (February 2) Colbert Report. “A British Superman? It’s bad enough that James Bond is British!” Mr. Colbert railed. He added: “His […]

Richard Branson vs. Stephen Colbert: Was Their Fight Staged?

British billionaire Richard Branson appeared on The Colbert Report last Tuesday, and, apparently, got into an altercation on-stage with host Stephen Colbert. Branson came on the show to plug his new Virgin American airline, but he didn’t get a chance by the time his segment ended. Furious (or “furious”), he splashed Colbert with his glass […]