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Articles Tagged 'Sir Ian McKellan'

Personality Quiz: Which Sherlock Holmes are You?

You’d think that there would be very little room for gradations of personality in a character as well-defined as Sherlock Holmes. He has his foibles—his violin, that stern intellect—and his inability to deal with people on a human level. Surely one Sherlock is just like any other? Not according to the startling array of Holmeses […]

Roundup: Emma Thompson Scoffs at ‘Cougar’ Concept

Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson isn't keen on the whole "cougar" thing. Frankly, I think it's waaaaay blown out of proportion. Y'know, who really cares if an older woman is with a younger man, right? "I don't get it," said the 51-year old Thompson, whose husband Greg Wise is seven years her junior. "It seems […]