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Articles Tagged 'Sesame Street'

Sesame Street’s Game of Chairs

WATCH: Sesame Street’s ‘GoT’ Parody ‘Game of Chairs’

This must surely have provoked quite a complicated series of explanations between parents and children over the Easter weekend. Sesame Street has created a very detailed parody of Game of Thrones entitled Game of Chairs, the winner of which will become the king or queen of (drumroll) Jesteros (TISH!). It’s a lot like a game […]

Ed Sheeran on Sesame Street (Pic: Instagram)

WATCH: Ed Sheeran Fits Right Into ‘Sesame Street’

Muppet guest appearances are a strange affair. Some people come away from the experience looking pinker and more hairless and essentially human than they did before. For some people, as Ed Sheeran proved yesterday, the experience serves to highlight the muppetiest aspects of their physical appearance. Suddenly the eyes look a little more boggly, the […]

Benedict on Sesame Street[2]

WATCH: 17 British Celebs Starring on ‘Sesame Street’

The Sesame Street theme song asks the age-old question, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” The directions might be a little tricky if coming from the U.K., but some of our favorite British actors and singers have made their way to the famous street. Julie Andrews kicked off the trend in […]

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch on ‘Sesame Street’

Yesterday, we were all a-flutter at the first picture from Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance on Sesame Street, and today, we have the actual clip. So, Sherlock fans, settle down and enjoy “The Sign of Four,” a thrilling mystery, in which Murry-arty sets a fiendish puzzle, and Benedict solves it, with a little help from Count Von Count. […]

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Stree

At Last, Benedict Cumberbatch Has Met His Match

Never mind the Super Bowl, by FAR the most exciting news of the last few days was PBS’s sudden confirmation that Benedict Cumberbatch will soon be making an appearance alongside the Count on Sesame Street. On Friday, they put this tweet up, showing the Sherlock star having a whale of a time with his new […]

Ricky Gervais and Elmo

Is Ricky Gervais Really Set For ‘The Muppets 2’?

So the Hollywood Reporter claims that Ricky Gervais, the award-winning British comedian (it’s important to explain that, in case you get confused with any of the other Ricky Gervaises doing the rounds, some of whom do not have awards from the early 2000s to refer to at the opening of a camera lens), is in […]