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WATCH: Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey in ‘Looking: The Movie’

When Looking debuted on HBO in 2014 it was hailed as the network’s first gay TV show. A serious drama that portrayed the relationships between a group of gay men in San Francisco realistically, it attracted both elation and criticism, before being cancelled after two seasons on account of poor ratings. Sensing that many would be disappointed, […]

FriendsFest Launch – Arrivals

Russell Tovey Live-Tweets Uncomfortable Plane Voyage

It’s so tempting to live-tweet the events in your daily life, but sometimes we have to stop and think, “Is it social media-worthy?” British actor Russell Tovey (Being Human, Looking) doesn’t seem to struggle with this issue, and we’re happy he doesn’t hold back from what could be considered oversharing by some. You may have caught […]


‘Looking’ Star Russell Tovey Live Tweets Random Couch Surfer Saga

We were already sweet on British actor Russell Tovey, who has starred in Looking, Being Human and now Banished, but his recent activity on Twitter has reinforced our affection for him, spotted by RadioTimes. He had a typical night out at the theater but woke up to this: Woken up to a random female stranger asleep on my sofa. […]


The Cast of ‘Being Human’: Where Are They Now?

Creator Toby Whithouse‘s series followed supernaturals doing their best to continue Being Human. We find a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf, all living together in one flat, trying to hold onto normalcy in spite of their “afflictions.” Since Being Human ended, Whithouse has created the BBC AMERICA series The Game and has written Doctor Who episodes […]

The Brit List: 10 Out-and-Proud British Celebrities

Torchwood star John Barrowman came out to his parents in 1992. (Photo via BBC) Anderson Cooper made a statement this week (July 2) saying, “The fact is, I’m gay.” He wrote this in an email to his friend and Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan going on to say, “Always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t […]

Sherlock Recap: The Hounds of Baskerville

This week, we’re off on Sherlock Holmes’ most famous adventure, which means the risk of dislocation when the plot zags instead of zigging is far higher. And that’s just how it should be. It begins with a terrified child on a moor, running from something. A kindly lady stops him to ask what the matter […]

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