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Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in hilarious interview.

The 10 All-Time Funniest Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity interviews are a tricky affair. The stars involved are often midway through a lengthy promotional tour, a long way from home, and not in the mood for laughs or wacky gimmicks, which can lead to some famously tetchy encounters. So it was with considerable relief last week when we saw this hilarious interview with Harrison Ford and […]


WATCH: Russell Brand is God in ‘Army of One’ Trailer

Things have been decidedly quiet on the Russell Brand front of late. Gone were the days when he was popping up all over the place, marrying pop princesses, turning up in Jason Segel movies, and having a bash at classic remakes. Nope, instead he’s been taking a well-earned breather, which means meditating a lot, dabbling in online book […]

The Residents Of New Era Estate Protest Against Their Eviction

Russell Brand: 10 Quotes to Mark His 40th Birthday

Nobody’s going to accuse English comedian and actor Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Arthur) of being a wallflower these days, but he wasn’t always so confident and outspoken. He grew up feeling alienated, driving him to seek fame and fortune, which he thought would translate into happiness. In a monologue for his American talk show BrandX, he said before […]

Benedict Cumberbatch

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey Read ‘Letters Live’

Warning: some of the clips in this post are incredibly sad. The website Letters of Note is staging another of its Letters Live seasons next week at London’s Freemasons’ Hall. The event, like the website, is based on a simple premise, that other people’s correspondence is fascinating. So having collected various letters and notes—including Queen […]

Jeremy Paxman

Why America Needs Jeremy Paxman To Be Its New British Scold

Let’s not mince words: Americans love being told off by the Brits on TV. I don’t fully claim to understand the psychology, but I should imagine part of it is listening to the sneering contempt dripping from an upper crust (and it is always upper crust) British voice and feeling a) relief that you are […]

Stephen Fry

11 British Hosts Who Could Replace David Letterman

In case you’re unsure whether British TV viewers are aware of the magnitude of David Letterman’s achievements, or even who he is, be assured we most certainly are and do. Even though Late Show hasn’t had a firm slot on our screens, so many British producers and presenters took the spirit of David’s interview technique, […]


Dame Helen Mirren To Be Honored With BAFTA Fellowship

Now that we’re deep into awards season, these sort of lifetime achievement backpats are coming thick and fast, but you’d have to be a curmudgeon of some standing to begrudge Dame Helen Mirren her moment. Especially as she’d more than likely deck you if you tried. So, at the British Academy Film Awards, which take […]


Top 10 U.K. Viral Videos of 2013: Celebrities Letting Loose

You’ve watched them, shared them, and probably GIF’d them all, but in case you missed some of the best celebrity moments of the year, or just want to watch them again and again, here’s a comprehensive list of our personal favorites for your viewing pleasure. Some are Brits on American TV, others are Americans showing […]

Russell Brand

It’s War! Russell Brand Feuds with Rupert Murdoch

Russell Brand either doesn’t know his Mark Twain or has chosen to ignore it. The author of Tom Sawyer and other classic books famously said, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” The British comic has done just that, starting a quarrel in print with the press baron Rupert Murdoch. The Get Him to the Greek star is livid […]

Russell Brand

WATCH: Russell Brand, Middle Name ‘Fire’

Comedians sometimes like to think of themselves as agents of social change, because they have seen through the commonly-handed down myths of society, and realize that a good percentage of them are hooey. Then presented their findings in the form of comic monologues. But there aren’t that many of them that are prepared to be […]

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