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Articles Tagged 'Royal Wedding Art'

Royal Roundup: William and Kate Featured in Valentine’s Day Stunt

It looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William have arrived at Westminster Abbey a touch early. In a Valentine’s Day stunt, a UK scooter firm projected an 82-foot image of Kate and William arriving at the church, The Press Association reports. “We wanted to wish the royal couple a happy Valentine’s Day and all the […]


Royal Roundup: The Savory Scoop on Kate’s Luncheon with Camilla

When Kate Middleton dined with her fiancé’s stepmother, Camilla, on Wednesday (February 9), she enjoyed quite the healthy and delicious menu at London’s Berkeley Hotel. Middleton began with terrine of foie gras with baguette at $24 (£15), followed by roasted sea bass with fennel and black olive sauce at $45 (£28), and a pistachio souffle […]

Wannabe Royal Brides, Meet Your Prince… In Wax

The pomp and circumstance surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s spring nuptials is truly astonishing at this point. From the wide variety memorabilia to the Lifetime movie and much, much more, there’s no way we’ll soon forget about this royal wedding. The Daily Mail reports that New York-based artist Jennifer Rubell is getting in on […]

Royal Roundup: William and Kate’s Roast Dinner Portrait

Perhaps this is someone’s idea of good taste. Crown Carveries, a UK pub chain, has unveiled a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton using only the ingredients in a roast dinner. Taking inspiration from one of their Mario Testino engagement shots, turkey is used for the skin, beef for the hair, carrots for Kate’s […]

Kate Middleton Honored with ‘God Save the Queen’ Poster Revamp

First she was Tatler magazine’s pop art princess, but now Kate Middleton has received her own glam-tinged Sex Pistols-inspired poster. The Metro reports that London-based artist Zoobs (born Zoran Zarre) draws from the British punk group’s iconic “God Save the Queen” single, released during Queen Elizabeth‘s Silver Jubilee in 1977, for a gorgeous tribute to […]

Royal Roundup: Another Royal Wedding Comic Book In the Works

As previously reported, a Kate Middleton and Prince William comic book is in the offing. Why not two? The Daily Mail reveals that another comic book recounting their romance, “Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story,” will be published by Britain’s Markosia Enterprises in April. The narrative device for the comic is Kate’s fictional […]

‘Fame: The Royals’ Comic Book Pays Tribute to William and Kate

When it comes to royal weddings, there’s plenty of memorabilia to honor the occasion. And with Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s spring nuptials, you can already get your hands on several collector’s items such as the UK Royal Mint’s commemorative coin, a china setting and tea towels. Now, Bluewater Productions is getting in on the […]

Kate Middleton Is Tatler Magazine’s Pop Art Princess

Britain’s Tatler magazine has chosen Prince William‘s bride-to-be Kate Middleton to grace the cover of their February issue. The special collector’s edition features Kate’s fabulous face awash in vibrant colors à la Andy Warhol‘s legendary portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The photograph also looks to be taken from the couple’s November engagement announcement. And according to […]