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Articles Tagged 'Rory Williams'

WATCH: What Happened to Rory’s Dad on ‘Doctor Who’?

It’s the question everyone was asking after the emotional Doctor Who finale: what happened to Rory’s dad Brian (Mark Williams) after the departure of the Ponds? Well, the Doctor Who website released this four-and-a-half minute “unshot scene” featuring only storyboard images and some moving voiceover work from Mark Williams and Arthur Darvill as Rory. Watch, […]


Five Memorable Rory ‘Deaths’ on ‘Doctor Who’

As the man who dies and dies again, Rory Williams really is the South Park Kenny of Doctor Who. Luckily, he’s never gone for too long—Rory’s been resurrected time and time again— but who knows what will be in store for him in the upcoming fall finale? Especially after Steven Moffat teased earlier this year about the Pond’s […]