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Robot of Sherwood

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: ‘And This Is My Spoon!’

If there’s one thing the Doctor can be relied upon to do when locked in a castle, it’s bicker with his fellow prisoners, and Doctor Who fans were treated to some truly epic squabbling on Saturday night, as he found himself chained to Robin Hood in the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle. “Robot of Sherwood” pitted […]

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘Robot of Sherwood’

After last week’s shrunken unpleasantness, it is time to take a trip to somewhere less Daleky. Clara has a hankering to meet Robin Hood. But the Doctor does not believe he exists and even an ice-creamy spoon won’t lighten his mood on the topic. So off they go to Sherwood Forest in 1190 (ish) so […]

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

CLIP: The Doctor Battles Robin Hood

We present this delightful tidbit from tomorrow night’s Doctor Who merely as an appetizer for the main course that is to follow. It’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s the beginning of “Robot of Sherwood” and the Doctor and Clara have arrived in a forest. It’s probably Sherwood Forest, and despite all claims from the Doctor (see: Was […]

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood

WATCH: New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer for ‘Robot of Sherwood’

You may think you’ve seen the trailer for “Robot of Sherlock” at the end of Saturday’s Doctor Who episode “Into the Dalek,” but there’s more to be found here. Quite apart from the archery competitions and swashbuckling and swordfighting, we hadn’t had a proper look at Ben Miller’s Sheriff of Nottingham until now: And there […]