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Articles Tagged 'Riots'

Royal Roundup: Will, Kate and Harry Visit Cities Hit by Riots

There have been more royal visits for England’s troubled urban areas. In a surprise trip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to Birmingham today, a day after Prince Harry toured Manchester. Their visits followed Wednesday’s by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to riot-ravaged areas of London. In Birmingham, Prince William and Kate Middleton met […]

Royal Roundup: Prince Charles and Camilla Visit Riot Neighborhoods

Interrupting their summer vacation in Scotland, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited some of the areas hit hardest by last week’s rioting. The couple began their tour in North London, in Tottenham and Hackney, and then went south to Lambeth and Croydon. They visited businesses and homes destroyed in the unrest, heard the […]

News Roundup: Lady Gaga to Portray Amy Winehouse in New Biopic?

Let’s begin with a story which, while it may contain a kernel of truth, is coated in so much nonsense you’d be hard pushed to find it. The Daily Star is reporting that there is an Amy Winehouse movie on the way, which means that people are already planning to recreate the rise and fall […]

Russell Brand’s Essay On The British Riots

Not every celebrity reaction to the riots, which have been taking place across British cities over much of the past week, has been worth reading. While a lot of people have expressed dismay at the destruction, and the dance producer Calvin Harris called for celebrities to use their influence to try and mentor the rioters […]

The British Riots And Social Media

If you’ve been following the news footage of rioting and looting in London and other British cities over the past few days, you’ll be aware that a situation which began in some unfortunate community policing – after a young man was shot while evading arrest – has ended in a three-night free-for-all for organised looters, […]