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10 British and American Store-Bought Items You Can Make Yourself

Ever looked down at your shopping trolley and wondered if the packets, jars and bottles of processed deliciousness you’ve piled up could be manufactured in your kitchen? Guess what, they can! We’ve scoured the net for homemade versions of popular foodstuffs—five British and five American—that you’d normally buy readymade. (Also: to convert British gas mark […]

Decorated cupcakes on counter

How to Bake Like an American: 10 Tips for Brits

Perhaps you were known as the Muffin Queen back at your old British job. But when you pry open your Tupperware in your new American office, are your colleagues noticeably unimpressed? Maybe you need to start baking like a native. Stock up on vanilla Virtually every U.S. recipe for sweet baked goods calls for what […]