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Articles Tagged 'Quiz'

Personality Quiz: Which Member of Duran Duran Are You?

Any decent pop or rock band requires a strong alchemical reaction between its various members. You can’t have three or four (or five) people standing in a line, not only looking identical but also having broadly the same outlook on everything (unless you’re the Osmonds of course, and those guys can’t help their genetics). It’s […]

‘Harry Potter’ Personality Quiz: Are You Harry, Ron or Hermione?

The three heroic protagonists in the Harry Potter stories form a useful study for all aspiring writers in keeping your characters distinct. You’ve got Ron, the amiable chump who tags along with what his best friends are doing, sometimes making enormous sacrifices but always acting as a reality check for the other two. There’s Hermione, […]

Personality Quiz: How Should You Take Your Tea?

The way you take your tea says a lot about you as a person, and that’s after you consider the non-verbal messages sent by the way tea is served in your immediate presence. A full tea set suggests a very traditional outlook, a chipped mug with a tea bag string hanging from the handle suggests […]


‘Downton Abbey’ Quiz: Are You Upstairs or Downstairs?

The Crawley family who lives upstairs and the rambunctious staff who work downstairs both have their share of problems, scandals and, of course, romance. The buttoned-up proper life is comfortable but it may come with a price; the life of a servant may not be glamorous but it has its perks. Do you consider yourself more […]