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Zac Efron wearing THAT tuxedo in ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ (Pic: Disney)

5 Misconceptions Brits Might Have About America from the Movies

For many people, movies are the only way audiences experience a foreign culture. For anyone not fully immersed in that culture, watching the stories that are set within it can sometimes be confusing. There are so many commonly understood shorthand references that moviemakers use to capture their native audience that it’s no surprise that some […]


A Brit’s Guide to High School Proms in America

First things first, I’m not talking about the musical Proms we all know and love in the U.K., I’m talking about the fancy parties that mark the end of the academic school year. In the last decade, proms have become almost de rigueur in the U.K. with about 85% of schools reporting some kind of […]