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Steven Moffat’s Son Tries to Prank Michelle Gomez

Steven Moffat‘s son, Louis, who has a striking resemblance to his showrunner father (Doctor Who, Sherlock), put together a video of himself trying to prank Doctor Who‘s Michelle Gomez. Apparently Louis had already tried to pull a fast one over Michelle, who portrays Missy, earlier in the day. He actually made two attempts, both unsuccessful, while they […]

Jameson Empire Awards 2016 – VIP  Arrivals

WATCH: Maisie Williams Gets In on the Prank Game

Do you remember when Daniel Radcliffe swung by the Nylon office and pretended to be a receptionist? He killed it. Now it’s Maisie Williams turn to team up with Nylon and prank some unsuspecting Game of Thrones fans. Williams posed as a hobby shop clerk, offering some fun GoT swag. Customers who came in were […]

Bus Shelter Prank

10 Inventive British Pranks: Inspiration for April Fool’s Day

It’s that time of year, when you might hear something kind of funny or a little bit off and then an hour or so later it clicks in your head, “What’s the date? Aw. It’s April 1,” otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. You’re either one of two people on this precarious day, the prankster […]