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Personality Quiz: Who’s Your Celebrity Lady Crush?

Infatuation is a serious business and one that is best not left to people who can’t handle the pressure. Develop a fixation on any of the seven astonishing women in this quiz, and you are going to have to become a better person as a result. There will be a lot of book reading, a […]

Personality Quiz: Which Bond Villain Are You?

Villainy is not for everyone. Quite apart from having to fend off the interfering attention of James Bond—international superspy and his latest conquest—you’ve got all the admin: hiring henchpeople, planning, scouting remote islands for bases, and sharpening hat brims. It takes up more time than you’d think, and you’ve got to bring your A-game at […]

The Doctor’s faithful companions. L-R (top row) Jo, Jamie, Ace, Leela (bottom row) Sarah Jane, Susan, Romana I, Peri (Photos: BBC)

Personality Quiz: Which Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Are You?

Whether they’re being called assistants, companions or even relatives, the people traveling aboard the TARDIS in classic Doctor Who have a few key roles they must fulfill or risk fairly unpleasant retributions. They must question the Doctor’s wisdom at all times, lest he become overbearing and make arrogant mistakes; they must ignore his first advice […]

Personality Quiz: Who’s Your British Celebrity Husband?

Certain British actors rouse powerful emotions around the world, and in the fallout from those highly charged celluloid encounters, it’s perfectly reasonable to imagine what a crush might be like as a life partner. You can picture them playing with the kids, teaching them iambic pentameter and the finer points of sarcasm, and generally being […]

‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Master Are You?

The Master is one of the most rotten swines in the entire history of bad piggies, and that statement is just as true when he’s Missy. Everywhere he goes, trouble follows. Every person she comes into contact with, she either kills, manipulates, or taunts in an unpleasant fashion. Sometimes he changes everyone in the world […]

Personality Quiz: Which Member of Led Zeppelin Are You?

It’s a rite of passage for rock lovers everywhere, to listen to the four distinct strands of interwoven music from the hands of the four members of Led Zeppelin and wonder which one best represents your abilities and achievements (albeit on a dramatically enhanced level). Are you a Jimmy Page, standing over a bubbling cauldron […]

Personality Quiz: Which Member of Duran Duran Are You?

Any decent pop or rock band requires a strong alchemical reaction between its various members. You can’t have three or four (or five) people standing in a line, not only looking identical but also having broadly the same outlook on everything (unless you’re the Osmonds of course, and those guys can’t help their genetics). It’s […]

‘Harry Potter’ Personality Quiz: Are You Harry, Ron or Hermione?

The three heroic protagonists in the Harry Potter stories form a useful study for all aspiring writers in keeping your characters distinct. You’ve got Ron, the amiable chump who tags along with what his best friends are doing, sometimes making enormous sacrifices but always acting as a reality check for the other two. There’s Hermione, […]

Personality Quiz: How Should You Take Your Tea?

The way you take your tea says a lot about you as a person, and that’s after you consider the non-verbal messages sent by the way tea is served in your immediate presence. A full tea set suggests a very traditional outlook, a chipped mug with a tea bag string hanging from the handle suggests […]

Personality Quiz: Which ‘Doctor Who’ Monster Are You?

We’ve spent some time finding out which of the 13 Doctors we are, which companion we may be, and even how Daleky we are, but until now we haven’t yet figured out which Doctor Who monster species most suits our individual quirks and foibles. Some days you wake up feeling like you want to wipe […]

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