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Secret in their Eyes (Pic: Universal)

WATCH: Chiwetel Ejiofor in ‘Secret in their Eyes’ Trailer

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s latest movie is a tense, hard-boiled affair, a three-handed crime and revenge story that puts him alongside Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman in a tale of bitter injustice and moral uncertainty. Secret in their Eyes is the story of a close-knit team of FBI investigators whose professional detachment and seen-it-all demeanor is shattered […]


WATCH: First Teaser Trailer For ‘Paddington’

As we have possibly mentioned before, the British children’s classic Paddington Bear is being made into a movie, with the lead role—a very English sort of Peruvian immigrant with a knack for causing trouble—being voiced by Colin Firth, and his adoptive parents Mr and Mrs Brown being played by Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins. Any […]

Damian Lewis, FINAL

Damian Lewis Linked With Nicole Kidman For ‘Queen of the Desert’

You have to hand it to Damian Lewis, he’s created a new archetype for British actors in American movie and TV drama. They’re already well used to appearing as cold and calculating villains, but after his morally questionable turn in Homeland – a show with more switcheroos than an electric wallaby – there’s far more for […]

Paddington Bear

Colin Firth And Hugh Bonneville To Star In ‘Paddington Bear’ Movie

It’s hard to be sure that this news, which is impossibly exciting for British people of a certain age and mental attitude, will have quite the same resonance all the way over there, but here goes, from the beginning: Paddington Bear is a hugely popular children’s character, created by Michael Bond. His personal mythology goes […]

The Railway Man

WATCH: Colin Firth In The Trailer For ‘The Railway Man’

Did anyone else get the impression that Colin Firth had gone missing for a bit there? It seemed as if he was everywhere for a while, The King’s Speech and the ensuing award attention, all that stuff, and then suddenly it all went quiet (or, as the British call it, introspective). But now, let joy […]

What Have We Done to Deserve This?: Nicole Kidman As Dusty Springfield

Nicole Kidman reportedly in talks to play Dusty Springfield? I hope they don’t expect her to sing. Might I suggest Sarah Cracknell – the glamorous (and British) lead singer of Saint Etienne – take a crack at the role?(Daily Record) The first photos of Naomi Campbell‘s appearance on the Ugly Betty season finale have shown […]

Kate Winslet Pinch-Hits For the Preggers Nicole Kidman

Kate Winslet has replaced the pregnant Nicole Kidman in the next Stephen Daldry movie. Maybe Nic should get knocked up more often; it gives all those non-publicity-whore actresses a chance to work.(Digital Spy) Musclebound Rhydian does his best Daniel Craig impression, emerging shirtless and bulging from the sea in these very posed-looking paparazzi shots. Speaking […]

Samantha Morton: Nicole Kidman Is Taking My Roles

With two well-deserved Oscar nominations under her belt, Samantha Morton is one of the most-respected actresses in the world. She hasn’t parlayed that acclaim into box-office success, but that’s fine – she prefers the freedom of indie movies anyway. But these days, big-name stars are trying to muscle in on the indie action, hoping to […]