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Articles Tagged 'Nick Lowe'

The Smiths

Five Great British Songs That Offer Romantic Advice

Valentine’s Day is one of those events that serves to teach us all an important lesson, namely that no two romantic entanglements (or the lack thereof) are the same. It might seem like everyone is all hearts and flowers all day long, but, y’know, some people are allergic to pollen. That said, there are some […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Nick Lowe’s “Cracking Up”

When I listen to this, I think, “Cheeky, Slightly Controversial Theme Song For Short-Lived ’80s Sitcom About a Neurotic Nebbish Played by Jon Lovitz.” You’ll hear what I mean in this clip from a 1979 performance with backing band Rockpile on Top of the Pops. Recently, a friend saw him perform his new material and […]