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Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service

WATCH: Colin Firth Kicks Refined Ass in ‘Kingsman’ Trailer

Back in May, the first trailer was released for Colin Firth and Michael Caine’s new action-comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service, which is a kind of James Bond-meets-Men In Black sort of a thing, adapted from a comic book by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) and directed by Matthew Vaughn (X Men: First Class). And it looked like […]

Matthew Vaughn

WATCH: New ‘Star Wars’ Director Accidentally Confirmed

English actor Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class) made a red carpet “hiccup” when stopping by the premiere of Seven Psychopaths. He was chatting up the folks at the film site and mentioned his pal English director Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass; X-Men: First Class) may throw him a bone and offer him a role in […]

James McAvoy’s Blunt Message to Fans Stuck on Old ‘X-Men’ Cast

X-Men: First Class is the fourth film in the superhero franchise, but it’s a prequel, a back-to-origins story. All the key roles have been recast. James McAvoy plays a younger version of Professor Charles Xavier, who was previously played by Patrick Stewart. (Michael Fassbender has been cast as Magneto, a character that Ian McKellen played […]

Jonathan Ross’s Comic Book Coming to the Silver Screen?

Former BBC America TV personality Jonathan Ross is quite the comic book enthusiast. In addition to his huge collection of memorabilia, Ross issued his own comic book series, Turf, last year. Now, Deadline reveals that his animated tale “about a retirement home where superheroes end up” called The Golden Age is being considered for a […]