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Joanna Lumley

12 British Actors Who Got Started In Soaps

Never mind the Billboards, the real trophy-doling fun of the weekend happened on Saturday night, at the British Soap Awards, in which the great, the good and the downright torrid rubbed fake-tanned shoulders and practised the most outrageous Nominated Loserface in the bathrooms of MediaCityUK, Salford. Coronation Street, the longest-running TV serial drama in the […]

Roundup: Justin Bieber Hearts ‘The Inbetweeners’

One cannot ignore the force that is Bieber fever, am I right? The Canadian popstar's face is everywhere, ALL.THE.TIME! Well, get this. It seems that the baby-faced teen wants a part on the BBC America comedy, The Inbetweeners. SAY WHAT??? The Mirror reports that Justin Bieber is a massive fan of the BAFTA award-winning show […]

Anglo For Your Ear: Martine McCutcheon’s “Perfect Moment”

Before Martine McCutcheon played Hugh Grant‘s love interest in Love, Actually (what happened to her film career, btw?), she was a major pop star in the UK. In 1999, she scored a No. 1 hit with “Perfect Moment.” There are few better indicators that a song will be total cheese than having the word “moment” […]