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Martin Freeman attends the House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2016  at the Royal Festival Hall on May 8, 2016 in London, England.

Martin Freeman to Become A Zombie

He may have narrowly missed zombification in Shaun of the Dead (check out his brief appearance here), but it looks like Martin Freeman’s undead-dodging luck has finally run out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s signed up to star in new movie Cargo as Andy, a father who’s attacked by zombies and has 48 hours to find […]

Martin Freeman in ‘StartUp’

WATCH: Martin Freeman Plays FBI Agent in ‘StartUp’

Those of you still reeling from the sound of Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent need to pull yourselves together fast and get ready for StartUp, a new 10-episode drama about a group of tech entrepreneurs in Miami. A trailer released yesterday (April 20) shows Martin Freeman as Phil Rask, an FBI agent who’s investigating the cryptocurrency they’ve set up […]

Mark Gatiss announces Season Four of Sherlock

It’s Official: ‘Sherlock’ Season Four Has Started Filming

Suspense is second nature to the makers of Sherlock, so it’s no surprise they’ve been keeping us in the dark about the new season. Just last week Mark Gatiss teased us with a photo of a familiar prop on Sherlock’s mantelpiece (surely that means they’re on set right now, surely?), and then Amanda Abbington was at it, tweeting a corner of […]


A Guide to Martin Freeman’s Comedy Roles

We know Martin Freeman himself has a great sense of humor: Check him out in a fit of giggles with illusionist Derren Brown. Sure, his role as Doctor John Watson has some funny one-liners in Sherlock, but, while the show has its moments, the series isn’t really a comedy. And his unique job in Love Actually may […]

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’ (Photo: BBC)

WATCH: New BBC Trailer for ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’

Before we watch this, let’s go through the checklist of things one would need to see in a trailer for the Sherlock Victorian special in order to be reassured that setting the entire series back over 100 years into the past wasn’t a great way of making everything that is wonderful about it vanish in […]


First Look: Martin Freeman and Tina Fey in ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’

Martin Freeman (The Office, Sherlock) and Tina Fey (30 Rock, Baby Mama) in one film: This sounds like a cross-cultural dream team. At first glance the title may sound like a romantic comedy, or maybe that’s wishful thinking because we’d like to see these two coupled up on screen, but it’s actually a wartime satire […]


Cumberbatch Talks Victorian ‘Sherlock’

Sherlock’s locks have gotten a bit of a trim for the Victorian special, and star Benedict Cumberbatch is loving it. In an interview with Britain’s Independent, Cumberbatch says it was a bit of a relief getting Sherlock’s now-trademark tousled hair shorn for “The Abominable Bride,” the upcoming special set in Victorian times. “I was thrilled,” […]

Sherlock (Photo: BBC)

WATCH: Holmes Meets Watson (Again)

There is something wonderful about watching Sherlock Holmes meet Doctor Watson. We all know these two are destined to be close friends. We all know that by the end of their opening conversation Sherlock will have been as frustrating, rude and brilliant as he can possibly be, and John will react with good humor and […]


Martin Freeman Loses His Mind in New Music Video

Do we still have sleep in our eyes, or has Sherlock star Martin Freeman starred in a music video? No, we’re not dreaming. And, yes, Freeman is doing his thing in Paul Weller’s “Pick It Up” video. We knew Freeman liked to dance, as seen in this Saturday Night Live teaser leading up to his hosting […]


Amanda Abbington Embraces Twitter, Martin Freeman Not So Much

We just recently tweeted that Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington likes to talk shop, and we like it when she does, in response to her giving us a little hint about the Victorian Sherlock special. And she likes to tweet. Her Twitter handle @ChimpInSocks shows off her playful personality. She may use the social media platform to […]

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