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Articles Tagged 'Mark Williams'


BBC Showcase: Chris O’Dowd Among Stars on Red Carpet

We braved the freezing Northern England wind (and thousands of screaming Justin Bieber fans in town for his concert) to travel to Liverpool for Day One of BBC Worldwide Showcase, the annual event in which the Beeb and British indie houses show off their new titles to buyers from all over the globe. As it’s […]

WATCH: What Happened to Rory’s Dad on ‘Doctor Who’?

It’s the question everyone was asking after the emotional Doctor Who finale: what happened to Rory’s dad Brian (Mark Williams) after the departure of the Ponds? Well, the Doctor Who website released this four-and-a-half minute “unshot scene” featuring only storyboard images and some moving voiceover work from Mark Williams and Arthur Darvill as Rory. Watch, […]

Prehistoric ‘Doctor Who’ Details Emerge From Comic-Con

Let’s assume you missed Comic-Con this year, missed out on the panel starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner, missed out on their delightful exchanges with a thrilled audience, missed out on Matt Smith’s bowler hat, and are now feeling pretty fed up about the whole affair. Well, the good […]