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Articles Tagged 'Lord Alan Sugar'

Lord Sugar and Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs. Lord Sugar: It’s An Inter-Apprentice Tweet-Off!

I have to confess, I’m a little worried about the way certain people conduct themselves in public. For example, Twitter appears to be a great way of showing minor transactions and fleeting thoughts, as they happen, in the minds of all sorts of people. These can be mad thoughts, bad thoughts, aggressive thoughts, romantic thoughts… […]

The Brit List: Five British Versions Of American TV Shows

The Apprentice This is a franchise which is so popular in the UK, and has made such a household name of Lord Sugar (known to his mum as Alan) that most British people (including me) would not realise it’s an American formula, or that Donald Trump is the original star of the show, unless specifically […]

Roundup: Lord Alan Sugar Calls for ‘Sir’ Simon Cowell

British business magnate Lord Alan Sugar considers Simon Cowell's immeasurable contributions to the world of music worthy of a higher title. The Apprentice UK board leader thinks Queen Elizabeth should bestow the churlish former American Idol judge with the honor of knighthood. "At the end of the day he is a commercial man but he's […]