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Articles Tagged 'Knackered'

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10 British Words That Baffle Americans

“What’s the craic?” is a common Brit-on-Brit saying, but in “mixed” company it’s like, “What’s the what?” Here’s a look at Ten Baffling Words Said by Brits. 1. Craic = noun; news/what’s up, “What’s the craic?” This term originated in England (crack), moved to Northern Ireland (changed to Gaelic spelling craic) and then back to England retaining […]

Fraser’s Phrases: ‘Knackered’

There’s a great moment in one of the comedian Bill Hicks’s routines, in which he’s talking about being annoyed by a child while on British Airways. He’s playing to a British audience, and clearly he’s just learned a new word that he wants to try out: “I was on this one flight right, I’m flying, […]