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Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat: ‘Sherlock’s 3-Episode Format Ensures a Long Future

There’s a good, short video interview with Steven Moffat over at the Guardian, filmed in the Speakers’ Lounge at the Cannes Lions festival, in which he discusses the Britishness of the shows he works on, why that sensibility is key to their appeal, and his sense of vague unease when he sees an American show—like […]

24: Live Another Day (All pics: Fox)

Your London Guide to ’24: Live Another Day’

Yesterday, Jack Bauer returned to the world’s TV screens in a new series of 24, which is Bond-ishly entitled 24: Live Another Day. It is entirely set in London, which gives us the perfect excuse to take a tour of the city as seen through the eyes of the various agents, counter-agents and Presidents that […]

‘Forsaken’ Press Conference – Zurich Film Festival 2015

Warning: Kiefer Sutherland Is… Secretly British

When you get right down to it, nationality is just an accident. Your parents happen to have been in a place and you were born while they were there. They may have decided to stay there, or may have moved somewhere else, and you’ll have picked up various influences from the place or places that […]