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Articles Tagged 'Julia Gillard'

Royal Roundup: Controversy Over the Queen’s Australian Gifts

  During the Queen’s trip Down Under last year, Australians demonstrated their overwhelming support for the monarchy and the royal family. Still, there are many who don’t think it’s right that Australians should have to pay for royal gifts – and in this case, somewhat strangely, the controversy is not about gifts that the Queen […]

Royal Roundup: After Great Aussie Barbecue, Queen is Back Home

The Queen’s trip to Australia is over, and pundits everywhere are calling it a complete success on every level. The only aspect that’s not going as planned, reports BBC News, is that Prince Philip, back in England, has cancelled his quick turnaround trip to Italy. The Prince will not be attending a conference in Assisi […]

Royal Roundup: Historic Changes to Royal Succession Laws Approved

Leaders of the Commonwealth nations have unanimously approved sweeping changes in the succession of the British monarchy. The reforms, which will end the long-ingrained favoritism given to male heirs to the throne, will mean that if Will and Kate’s first-born child is a girl, she would be first in line to become the monarch after […]

Royal Roundup: Row Over the Bow, or, Case of the Missing Curtsy

Who would have thought that the omission of a curtsy to the Queen would have caused an uproar in a country as informal and easygoing as Australia? As we reported yesterday — and then expected to hear the end of it — Australian Prime Minister Prime Minister Julia Gillard did not curtsy when she met […]