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Listen: Super-Rare Rehearsal Recordings Of The Smiths

What with Morrissey incapacitated by pneumonia and Johnny Marr rampantly striding the world’s stages as a solo act, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the very beginning of their respective careers, with this long-lost demo tape of the Smiths. A recording taken of the band in rehearsal has emerged online, and […]

For The Last Time, World, The Smiths Have Split Up

Internet, I love you, but you’re starting to become irritating on certain topics: The way you encourage people to talk to each other for the first time as if they’ve been bitter enemies for years, for example, or the way you distract hard-working writers with interesting videos and images of family pets until they start […]


A Covers Tribute: The Smiths’ ‘Queen Is Dead’ Turns 25

Twenty-five years ago this month, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce issued The Smiths‘ landmark LP, The Queen Is Dead. And to many faithful fans, the 10-song collection is the band’s finest hour; a sonically gorgeous mix that sees Morrissey’s remarkable wit and dark compassion taking center stage. His most heartfelt lyrics are […]

Five Great Inventive British Guitar Heroes

Before we start: I just wanted to say that yes, there have been far more than five astonishing British guitarists in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. And we could argue all day about who they are, and whether Jimi Hendrix could beat them in a shred-off. Let’s just use these five as a launchpad […]

Star Tips: How To Write A Hit Song

In celebration of tomorrow night’s Ivor Novello Awards, the London Evening Standard has been polling UK songwriters and performers for their top tips on writing the perfect pop song. Their answers, while occasionally flippant, do strike at the heart of the creative process. So if you’ve ever been tempted to sit down and come up […]

UK Indie Stars Line Up To Appear In New Film

The strange and grimy world of UK indie rock is finally getting the big screen treatment this year. And by the looks of things, it’s going to be a pretty star-studded affair (within the boundaries of, y’know, UK indie rock circles). Powder is the story of a group called the Grams, how they rise to […]

Johnny Marr to Prep New Solo Material

Having spent the last few years working with the likes of Modest Mouse and The Cribs, ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr will soon get back to his own stuff. reports that the English musician and songwriter will drop two new albums over the next year and a half. In 2003, he issued Boomslang under the […]

Smiths Legend Johnny Marr to Pen Autobiography?

According to The Daily Telegraph, former Smiths axeman Johnny Marr is mulling over the idea of writing a memoir. Marr recently revealed via Twitter that he’s been “offered book deal” and it’s “a serious one.” Hmmm, I wonder if Marr will shed some light on his somewhat strenuous relationship with his old bandmate, Morrissey? I’m […]

The House of Commons Pokes Fun at David Cameron’s Smiths ‘Ban’

Since taking office earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron can’t catch a break for professing his love for the UK’s beloved indie rock outfit, The Smiths. We already know that guitarist Johnny Marr is plenty sick of it and took to Twitter to voice his disdain over Cameron’s adoration for his former band. […]

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