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Royal Roundup: Jennifer Aniston to Prince William: Bald Is Hot

Jennifer Aniston is giving it up for the bald guys out there. Especially Prince William. When visiting London’s Capitol FM recently, the 42-year-old actress raved about the royal newlywed’s receding hair line and told host Lisa Snowden that he should really ignore all that monotonous chatter about getting hair plugs. “I think he should just […]

Adele Fails To Make Friends With Jennifer Aniston

We’ve all seen people who are famous and mistakenly thought they are people we know in real life, right? It’s an incredibly easy thing to do, especially if they’re the kind of actor or performer whose name you can’t quite remember, but whose face rings a massive bell. And it must be ten times worse […]

Jenlando? Orlifer? What Do We Call Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom…?

Jennifer Aniston is dating Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt‘s co-star in Troy? A source tells The Sun: “They were trying their best to be discreet but it was clear they were together. They make a very attractive couple.” I suppose dating younger is the best revenge, n’est-ce pas? Sad news for Jane Seymour, who is impressing […]