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‘The Inbetweeners’ 7 Years Later: Where to Find Them

The four besties featured in the high school sitcom The Inbetweeners weren’t quite adults, but they were no longer children… alas, they were inbetween. We followed the awkward group of pals — played by Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, and Simon Bird — through the halls of Rudge Park Comprehensive, as they tried to fit in, not […]


WATCH: New Clip From ‘The Inbetweeners 2’

It’s rare that we get the opportunity to show a clip from an Inbetweeners movie that we don’t have to preface with a warning about NSFW language or content, so we’re grasping that opportunity with both hands here. The Inbetweeners 2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to the smash hit 2011 comedy The Inbetweeners — itself a spinoff […]

The Inbetweeners 2

WATCH: NSFW Trailer For ‘The Inbetweeners 2’

Fans of The Inbetweeners probably do not need to be warned that this trailer contains, if not the really nasty bad swearing, then definitely some words and ideas that are adult in nature. And by ‘adult’, I mean ‘the very top end of teenage’ and not ‘thoughts concerning taxation and mortgages’. For everyone else, all […]

Simon Bird

Simon Bird Confirms ‘Inbetweeners’ Sequel

We have good news and good news. If you haven’t yet seen The Inbetweeners Movie it is now streaming on Netflix. So, you can get sped up with an instant queue. The second bit of good news is that Simon Bird, who plays Will McKenzie in the TV series and movie version, has confirmed there […]

Is There An Inbetweeners Sequel On The Way?

It has long been understood that the story arc of (what we must now refer to as ‘the UK version of’) The Inbetweeners had reached a natural end point once the end credits rolled on the movie. There is nothing left to say, matters have reached a natural full stop, from which there is no […]

James Buckley: Glad To Play A Role He Can Watch With His Parents

OK, this is probably not a revelation that will shock a lot of people, but it’s kind of a relief all the same. Anyone watching The Inbetweeners and worrying that James Buckley the actor might share some common traits with his character Jay, the mop-topped, foul-mouthed sexaholic fantasist, need worry no more. He’s a very […]

Miranda Hart, ‘The Inbetweeners’ Win British Comedy Awards

All hail Miranda Hart! On Saturday night (January 22), the 38-year-old English comedian and actress was named the “Queen of Comedy” at the 20th annual British Comedy Awards, BBC News reports. Hart took home three trophies, including the People’s Choice Award and Best New TV Comedy for her BBC2 sitcom, Miranda. She also bested Getting […]

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