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WATCH: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig stars as 007 once again in Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise. While the film is sure to be a U.S. blockbuster, it seems that we just can’t stop talking about who’ll be the next Bond once Craig hangs up his suspenders. In this episode of the Anglophenia YouTube series, […]


Ranking the James Bond Directors

In the five decades since James Bond first hit movie screens in 1962, 11 different directors have had the honor of stepping behind the camera for his adventures. Some of them only directed one film, while the most prolific managed to do five. Each brought something distinctive to the 007 table, however, and in ranking them […]

Personality Quiz: Which Bond Villain Are You?

Villainy is not for everyone. Quite apart from having to fend off the interfering attention of James Bond—international superspy and his latest conquest—you’ve got all the admin: hiring henchpeople, planning, scouting remote islands for bases, and sharpening hat brims. It takes up more time than you’d think, and you’ve got to bring your A-game at […]

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch (Photo: Fred Duval/Getty Images)

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Answers the Bond Question

Seeing as half the world’s entertainment media has now started chasing any British actor who looks good in a suit to ask if they might be up for playing James Bond, here is Benedict Cumberbatch’s current answer to the question, which follows hard on the heels of Tom Hiddleston’s slightly more excited response from last […]

Daniel Craig as James Bond (Pic: MGM/Columbia Pictures)

Daniel Craig’s Not Keen on Playing Bond (For a While)

You may read across the internet several hair-raising headlines about Daniel Craig and his future in the role of the James Bond franchise. Each one fillets a choice, brutal image from an interview he gave to Time Out, in which he appears to be totally done with the suit and the stunts. But what did […]

Tom Hiddleston (Photo: BBC)

WATCH: Tom Hiddleston Answers the Bond Question

Ever the gentleman actor, when Tom Hiddleston was recently asked by BBC News whether he had been approached to play James Bond—should the position become vacant in the near future—he took it as an opportunity for a little roleplay, thereby giving him time to think of a suitably respectful and composed answer. Watch this clip, […]

Sam Smith (Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

LISTEN: Sam Smith Releases ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’

So, after all the hullaballoo, what’s the new Sam Smith Bond theme for Spectre actually like? Well, it’s big. I mean really, really big. And slow, and mournful. And big. It finishes with Sam howling into a cavernous echo, that’s how very big it is. You’d expect quite a bit of Monty Norman/John Barry majesty […]

Sam Smith (Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

LISTEN: First Snippet of Sam Smith’s ‘Spectre’ Theme

Let us not go crazy here. The internet (in the shape of Sam Smith’s Twitter feed) has bequeathed us the gift of 15 short seconds from “Writing’s on the Wall,” the theme song to Spectre, James Bond’s latest cinematic outing. But really, what can 15 seconds tell us about a song? It does depend on […]

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