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Articles Tagged 'Happy Thanksgiving'

Solomon Kane

10 Things You May Not Know About the Puritans

As we look towards Thanksgiving, here are a few interesting facts about those plucky English settlers who established the second major settlement in North America, and what customs, traditions and other cultural baggage they brought with them into the new world. They really didn’t like Christmas Puritanism was a movement that sought to reform the […]


Five Great British Things We’re All Thankful For

As today is a special day (and I’m all alone in the office), it seems a good time to have a think about the things which Britain has given to America, the things for which America should be thankful. You’ll note I said ‘thankful’ and not ‘grateful’ because I’m not trying to pick a fight, […]

Happy Thanksgiving: Tribute to Albert Finney

While we’re all scarfing down our tofurducken and enjoying the entertaining barbarism of [American] football, it’s great to take just a moment to look back at what we’re really thankful for. Today, I celebrate that great, surprisingly unsung actor Albert Finney, a British living treasure. Unlike his contemporary Sir Michael Caine, Finney has been very […]