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WATCH: Gerard Butler in New ‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer

Gerard Butler returns as Agent Mike Banning in the new trailer for London Has Fallen, the sequel to 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen. The next installment kicks off with the unexpected death of the British Prime Minister, which brings the world’s leaders to London to attend his funeral. The nation’s capital is now a target. We’ve said it […]


WATCH: Gerard Butler in ‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer

We understand London Has Fallen is fiction, but it’s still hard to witness the destruction of the majestic city in the film’s trailer. But our Anglophile hearts can rest easy as it’s clear the nation’s capital is just fine in actuality, and this is the sequel to the 2013 thriller Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard […]

Gerard Butler

WATCH: Gerard Butler, WHAT Are You Doing?

If it were not for the existence of this clip, I would have assumed the contents of this blog post were just the events from a crazy dream about a German TV show, Gerard Butler with a bucketful of ice down his boxer shorts while a man cracks a line of walnuts with his bum. […]


Top Gear Thursday: James May Mans Up for ‘Man Lab’

James May is on a mission. In his show James May’s Man Lab, he is striving to do nothing less than to revive our spirit of invention. That’s because, he says, after thousands of years of ingenuity, our species has lost what he says are basic human skills virtually overnight because modern society makes it […]

WATCH: Ralph Fiennes Plays Voldemor…Sorry, ‘Coriolanus’

I dunno if it’s the cropped hair, the tattoos, or the bit where Brian Cox says “Coriolanus has grown from man to dragon,” but there is definitely something of the Voldemort to this new adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, starring Ralph Fiennes. A much-feared figure goes off to raise an army in order to do attack […]


Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Round 2: Men of 2011

VOTING IN ROUND 2 IS CLOSED… CONGRATS TO THE CHAMPION, ALAN RICKMAN We’ve entered Week 2 of our quest to name the ultimate Anglophile fan favorite of 2011. In Round 1, more than 120,000 votes were cast, and a somewhat surprising group of men advanced. Colin Firth, Richard Armitage, David Tennant, and Benedict Cumberbatch all […]

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