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George Michael, Twitter

George Michael Breaks Twitter Silence Announcing New Album

The last time we heard from singer George Michael via Twitter was on January 25 … of last year. He was talking about the snow in England and getting into the recording studio. Here’s his last tweet before going off-the-grid: Hi everyone, hope you are all well, just to let you know I’ve been back in […]

George Michael, Twitter

Happy, Happy!: It’s a Big Week for British Birthdays

Grab a party hat and noisemaker, please, and join us.  Here at Anglophenia, we’re kicking off a new weekly feature running on Mondays in which we highlight the birthdays of well-known Brits. This week, running from June 24 through June 30, features a swell mix of folks representing the literary, entertainment and even royal world. […]

George Michael

George Michael Falls Out Of A Car At 70mph

George Michael, singer of hit songs, and former leader of the ’80s pop duo Wham!, has been leading an interesting life in the past few years, and despite a series of events that looks fairly disastrous on paper, has managed to shake off misfortune to an almost superhuman degree. There have been tales of drug […]

George Michael

George Michael Versus ‘X Factor’

George Michael made his return to the UK stage with a live performance on Sunday, September 16 at Birmingham’s LG Arena. He thanked the audience for coming out to see him versus staying in to watch X Factor on TV, reports GigWise. Come on Georgie, you gotta “have faith! Faith, a faith, a faith” … in […]

News Roundup: Amy Winehouse’s Toxicology Report

Amy Winehouse’s  family have just released a statement concerning her toxicology report, which has come out in advance of the results of her inquest. Chris Goodman, speaking on the family’s behalf, told Associated Press: “Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s system at the time […]

George Michael to Launch ‘Symphonica’ Tour This Summer

I’m glad to hear that George Michael has reneged on that whole “I’m never going to tour again” thing upon wrapping up his massive 25 Live Tour in 2008. Yeah, he did a few shows in Australia last year prior to his Snappy Snaps debacle, but the ex-Wham! star revealed on his official site on […]

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 28): The Royal Wedding

All things royal are trending twee-mendously today. This just in — Twitter reports about the dress: TeleFashion: Has Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen let the cat out of the bag? #RoyalWedding…. ELLEUK: Sarah Burton seen heading in to the Goring? Or someone very much like her. Hooray if it is…!#royalwedding The Media and Celebrities GeorgeMichael: I’m told that Kate has […]

Why George Michael Isn’t Following Stephen Fry On Twitter

Forgive us, patient Anglophenian, for constantly quacking on about George Michael’s Twitter feed. We know as well as you do that anyone who wishes to keep up with the great man’s thoughts can just follow him themselves. It’s just he’s been doing a lot of very interesting things recently, some of which deserve a wider […]

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