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Articles Tagged 'Fraser McAlpine'

UK Chart Report: The Rehabilitation of Chris Brown

Pray silence, Anglopheniacs, for a momentous pop event has occurred within the last seven days, and we should give it due reverence. Our Lady of Gaga, the deity who walks among us dispensing astonishing pop music and bizarre chanting in equal measure, has allowed us to bear witness to her latest work, a thinly-veiled photocopy […]

UK Chart Report: Jessie J Makes Good on Her Awards Promise

There are times when the entertainment world can be in such a hurry to honor something that they don’t even wait for the last brush strokes to be applied or the varnish to dry. The BBC’s Sound Of… poll, the Brit Awards and their pre-emptive Critic’s Choice trophy, all seeking to recognize the achievements of […]

UK Chart Report: Chase & Status Rave It Up at No. 5

It’s a fairly well established fact that controversy sells records: partly because there’s something thrilling and illicit about hearing or seeing naughty stuff which the TV or radio won’t let you hear or see, and partly because the people who are the most passionate about buying records tend to be younger, and younger people like […]

UK Chart Roundup: ‘The X Factor’ Influence

This week's chart report takes the form of a lesson in TV and how to use it to promote your product. Some of the results are a little baffling at first glance, so do bear with me, won't you? Let's start two weeks ago, when Rihanna and Cheryl Cole had been battling for that all-important […]

UK Chart Roundup: Ladies Night vs Bonfire Night

Katy Perry Y'know that feature the music magazines like to do from time to time, when they get a bunch of female musicians together — often from very different disciplines, and with very, very different ways of approaching what they do — and make some spurious case about how there's a new wave of girl […]

UK Chart Roundup: Cheryl ‘Alouettes’ Her Way To UK No. 1

You know how it works with pop music: someone does something once, it’s an innovation. If someone else does it too, it’s a trend. So, to paraphrase Sesame Street, 2010 has been brought to you by the word “ayo”, the concept of enjoying female company in a club situation, and now the word “alouette”. Mark […]

The UK Charts Welcome a New Breed of Boyband

Everyone knows that the age of the boyband is well and truly over, right? You couldn’t move for the blighters around here for a while, standing in a line and doing those funny synchronized kicky dance steps like the floor was electrified, and wearing asymmetrical beards and funny tramlines cut into their eyebrows. It was […]

The UK Pop Chart…Now with Duck Sauce

This week, the UK’s charts are being dominated by an aggressive man with a shiny head and a prominent grill for the second week running. No, not Darth Vader, he’s wheezier, I mean Cee-Lo Green, whose sweary chart-topper “Forget You” is enjoying a second week at the top. And he’s been joined by his old […]

Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Turns the Air Blue, Tops the UK Singles Chart

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much of an event release your song may seem to be, it’ll still get steamrollered by something bigger that has managed to catch everyone’s attention. Such is the massive illicit thrill of Cee-Lo’s song “Forget You” – y’know, the one that isn’t really called ‘Forget You’, the one with the […]

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