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Articles Tagged 'Frank'


WATCH: Maggie Gyllenhaal Wants to Move to London

Maggie Gyllenhaal is totally smitten with Britain. She says: “I’d like to move there, if you can convince my husband, I would love to just work in the U.K. actually, to be honest.” In recent months, she’s spent a lot of time in Britain—including working on the well-received BBC spy thriller miniseries The Honourable Woman—in […]


WATCH: Michael Fassbender: ‘Frank’ Mask Gave Me Extra Confidence

Strangely, a big attraction of the musical comedy Frank is watching actor Michael Fassbender appear almost throughout the entire length of a film with his face totally hidden by an expressionless artificial head. In the picture, which is essentially a portrait of an experimental band, he is playing the oddball musician known as Frank Sidebottom. […]


WATCH: Michael Fassbender Spends Entire Movie Inside a Big Fake Head

A Sundance talking point this year was Michael Fassbender starring in a film in which audiences never get to see his face. The picture is a surreal comedy called Frank, the story of a musician who joins a band that’s spearheaded by a mysterious man wearing a fake head. Director Lenny Abrahamson believes Fassbender relished […]