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Articles Tagged 'France'

Audrey Tatou in ‘Coco Before Chanel’

Bastille Day: 5 French Things British People Love

The relationship between England and France hasn’t always been cordial. In fact, on the list of nations with which England can be said to have “a bit of previous,” France is above Germany, Spain and Russia, and there’s always a spirit of fraternal needling between the Brits and the French. However, while it’s easy to […]

University of Chicago Emergency Room (Photo via AP)

10 Tips for Brits on Surviving the U.S. Healthcare System

As you may have gathered from this summer’s furor over the Supreme Court’s healthcare verdict of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the subject of what to do if you fall ill in the U.S. – and, more to the point, who pays for it – is a hot topic with many Americans. If they detect […]