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The Big Bang Theory, Season Three

The Unbeatable Turtleneck: Who Wore it Best?

Fashion trends come and go, but the turtleneck has held strong since English writer Noël Coward popularized the conservative look in the 1920s. The top can be flattering for both men and women, being one of those, “I’m not trying too hard,” fashion-forward moves. Who wouldn’t want to pull on a turtleneck: it’s super flattering and elongating. The cool […]

JCrew Catalog Cover

10 U.S. Fashion Brands That British People Will Love

You might live in America but do you dress the part? U.S. consumers seem less susceptible to fashion faddiness than Brits, and more centered on timeless classics like decent jeans and a well-fitting t-shirt. British expats looking to blend in should try these excellent all-American brands. J. Crew This scholastically-styled brand isn’t afraid to push […]

The Wolf of Wall Street

A Dress Code for Brits in America

Most of my visitors from the U.K. invariably remark on how “casual” the American dress code appears. (Please note, I’m not talking about people at shopping malls—there are eye-watering specimens on both sides of the Pond.) Perhaps because going out for dinner is just a way of life here and less of an event, few […]


Top Kate Moments of 2012

Our friend Kelly Lynch at Socialite Life’s Duchess Diary recently teamed up with Susan Kelley, editor-in-chief of the website What Kate Wore, for a year-end look at, well, what Kate wore. In a Skype interview, the two royal watchers tried to winnow down Kate’s year in fashion to the Duchess’s top three looks: What Kate […]


Royal Roundup: Partying With 007, Pippa, Kylie and Luxembourg

Giving and attending parties are what royals do, and this week they did a lot of it indeed. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall gave a formal dinner party on Wednesday night in advance of their Diamond Jubilee trip to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea next month. Aussie Kylie Minogue […]

Royal Roundup: Kate and William Open a Children’s Cancer Clinic

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opened a new children’s cancer treatment center in south London on Thursday. The visit received attention because it was Kate’s first official invitation to a hospital and because it’s one of the few scheduled appearances she has made recently. St. James’s Palace has said her public appearances will be […]

Royal Roundup: Duchess of Cambridge – Budget Shopper

Fashion trendsetter or follower, Kate Middleton’s every shopping venture is widely reported, every purchase infinitely scrutinized. Take last Monday evening. The Duchess went into a Topshop, like millions of other women, and bought stuff – more than £100 worth of stuff – two skirts and a pair of earrings. But what made bigger headlines was […]

Royal Roundup: Kate Taking ‘Lessons’ to Adjust to Her New Role

There’s no set curriculum, no “British Monarchy 101” classes for someone marrying into the royal family, but Kate Middleton has been getting a series of private “lessons” to help her acclimate to becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. In recent weeks, Kate has had meetings with a parade of experts on the media, government and the […]

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